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Read what people are saying about their experience at The Factory:

Participation in The Factory Strength and Conditioning program has resulted in an increase in flexibility, strength and balance for both me and my wife. Jim Tkach is a certified personal trainer who gives personal attention to your specific situation and needs. He designs a workout program for you and coaches you through each specific exercise to insure that you gain the maximum benefit and do not injure yourself. Coach Tkach closely monitors your technique and makes necessary adjustments to either the number of repetitions or the amount of weight you are using.

The typical workout includes: warmups; lifting with work for both upper body and legs; balance exercises; and a cool down with stretching. Each session’s exercises are documented as to what exercise were performed, how many repetitions and what weights or elastic tubes were used. Lifting is done using light weight dumbbells with gradual increases based on your individual results. His program is aimed at improving quality of life for seniors by helping them increase strength, improve balance and become more flexible in an effort to reduce the risk of falling, maintain independence and better enjoy life. Coach Tkach also will tailor your workout to complement any particular activity that you are engaged in such as tennis, golf, pickleball etc.

We have found this to be a good program to both prepare for and recover from joint operations. My wife and I have both increased our strength, flexibility and balance as a result of this program. We strongly encourage others to make this small investment of your time and money to improve your quality of life.

- Jim & Doreen Mohney (February, 2016)

Our kids have spent several years in basketball camps with Factory Hoops…they love it and look forward to it every summer!

- (June, 2014)

Everyone at The Factory is amazing. Especially Pat! He’s teaching our boys (8 & 9) amazing fundamentals and making it fun. Tonight they were practicing drills while trying on new sneakers. If they couldn’t move in the sneakers they tried on more till they found ones they could play in. They strongly dislike trying on anything. If this isn’t an endorsement for his technique and presentation I don’t know what is!!

- (July, 2014)

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you need to! Full court, batting cages, camps, drop ins, volleyball, etc. Not sure where to have your child’s next birthday party? The Factory does these, too! Family owned, family friendly-very accommodating.

- (August, 2014)

Love this place !!!!

- (November, 2014)

My son just had his birthday party there and it was so much fun. Everything was organized and the parents even got to play too! Highly recommend this place!

- (December, 2014)

Nice place to play indoor 6 on 6 [adult soccer]! Looking forward to it next time!

- (December, 2014)

Great facility, great experience! Looking forward to going back again soon. We booked a party for our first visit and it was perfect, well worth the the money…priceless!

- (January, 2015)

Great program and a great gym. Keep up the great work!

- (March, 2015)

The Youth Basketball program at The Factory is top notch. From the high character and experience of the coaches to the teaching of skills and sportsmanship that is useful for all of life…The Factory is where it’s at!

- (March, 2015)

The drills were awesome and the coaches were very patient with each and every child out there. They gave each child confidence and encouragement and it was amazing to see how much they all improved! You guys have a great thing going on! Thanks so much for everything.

- (March, 2015)

Honestly? We wouldn’t change anything about the youth basketball league. What we like most about the program was that the players were learning the basics before playing games, the coaches were phenomenal and stressed good sportsmanship all while holding the kids accountable for things they learned.

- (March, 2015)

My son really enjoyed practicing 2 nights a week. I gave him the option if he wanted to go one or both nights. He liked it so much that he went both nights and Saturdays and would have went more. The last month he only went on Wednesdays because on Monday nights he had baseball. He liked all the coaches and learned a lot. Also, I like that The Factory is still open even when schools are closed.

- (March, 2015)

Fabulous coaches! Caring and attentive! I was so impressed that they all knew my son’s name and were SUPER dedicated and encouraging!! Having 4 coaches at a time helped greatly to keep players busy! Organized and fun for all. Appreciate the open gym time for practices. Liked the kids area upstairs. Everyone was friendly and helpful!…I wasn’t able to come to final game because of work, but wanted to THANK everyone for my son’s Most Improved award and for all the coaches’ HARD WORK! He was shocked!! He told me it was the best day ever! I am so glad I signed him up. Thank you.

- (March, 2015)

The only thing I would change is to have more seating for the parents. Other than that I loved how excited my child was about attending each day and learning new things.

- (March, 2015)

The coaching staff. They are excellent teachers, leaders and role models for the players. The player improvement from beginning to end of season was fun to watch.

- (March, 2015)

My four and five year old daughters had a lot of fun at camp last summer. They learned a lot from their coaches! Would definitely recommend it!!

- (May, 2014)