Testimonial from Low Impact Strength Training Clients

Participation in The Factory Strength and Conditioning program has resulted in an increase in flexibility, strength and balance for both me and my wife. Jim Tkach is a certified personal trainer who gives personal attention to your specific situation and needs. He designs a workout program for you and coaches you through each specific exercise to insure that you gain the maximum benefit and do not injure yourself. Coach Tkach closely monitors your technique and makes necessary adjustments to either the number of repetitions or the amount of weight you are using.
The typical workout includes: warmups; lifting with work for both upper body and legs; balance exercises; and a cool down with stretching. Each session’s exercises are documented as to what exercise were performed, how many repetitions and what weights or elastic tubes were used. Lifting is done using light weight dumbbells with gradual increases based on your individual results. His program is aimed at improving quality of life for seniors by helping them increase strength, improve balance and become more flexible in an effort to reduce the risk of falling, maintain independence and better enjoy life. Coach Tkach also will tailor your workout to complement any particular activity that you are engaged in such as tennis, golf, pickleball etc.
We have found this to be a good program to both prepare for and recover from joint operations. My wife and I have both increased our strength, flexibility and balance as a result of this program. We strongly encourage others to make this small investment of your time and money to improve your quality of life.
Jim & Doreen Mohney