3-on-3 Youth Basketball Fall Play

This fall we are bringing back a favorite of basketball players across the country. 3-on-3! 

Our 6-week season will allow players to participate in as many 3-on-3 games as possible, including multiple games each Wednesday night. The weekly schedule will be:


Week 1 | Introduction and Scrimmages

Weeks 2-5 | Game Play

Week 6 | Playoffs


Players will register as individuals and then teams will be formed. If you would like to participate with your friends as a team, please notate this in the registration. 


Factory Sports staff will organize and officiate game play during the 6-weeks. 

Game play will mirror FIBA 3-on-3 play. After a made basket the ball is immediately played and taken back behind the 3-point line without any stoppages of play. 


Player Fee: $50

When: Wednesday nights 6:30 to 8:30 pm 

Please note an exact breakdown of game times will come out once registration is complete and teams are formed. Our goal will be having the younger players play first followed by the older divisions. 


2nd to 3rd Grade Registration

4th to 5th Grade Registration

6th to 8th Grade Registration