Factory Strength and Fitness Programs


Our Factory Staff believes and promotes the benefits of regular physical exercise. As a result, our programs are designed to help our members achieve a complete fitness level. We offer a variety of programming from specific parts of the body right down to traditional weight lifting.

Fitness and strength classes. Young athlete training. Personal training. Preventative and Functional movement. Team training.

Factory Fitness offers something for everyone.

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Monthly:​$75 (unlimited classes for that specific calendar month)

Weekly:​$25 (unlimited classes for that specific week | Monday to Friday)

Drop-in:​$15 (per class | one-time fee per class)

Times: 8am-11am (Summer Hours)

Days: Monday-Friday 

Personal Training: ​Please inquire at front desk

Team Training: ​​Please inquire at the front desk

Training Options:


This low-impact program is designed to strengthen muscles surrounding your knees, hips, ankles and core; improve balance, coordination and flexibility; and to increase functional movement. You will receive coaching through all movements helping you maintain proper technique to improve overall strength and minimize risk of injury. 

In a recent study it was found that the following two factors, among others, help our senior adults stay healthier longer:

1. Exercise every week
2. Increase of social interaction

Our program offers both!

Equipment needed: Comfortable shoes and water bottle

Restrictions: 55+ years of age


Athletes will spend each workout on mobility, flexibility, strength, speed, and power. No more then 8 athletes per session. 


If you prefer a more one-on-one approach to you or your child’s fitness, please inquire about our personal training options. Our staff is here to help you!


Coaches. Athletes. Parents. Finished products are often assembled in a factory. If you are looking to improve the overall chemistry, skill level, or strength and agility of your sports team – put them in the Factory. Our expert fitness trainers will create a better version of your team. Please inquire about our team training options.

For more information about Personal Training and team training email