Summer 2021

There are three things that we can train as athletes: our bodies, our craft, and our minds. Factory Sports athletic performance training, or as one of our athletes have dubbed it; “More Better”, is about training all three components.

The program will spend the first portion of each workout on our bodies (mobility, flexibility, strength, speed, and power) and the second portion of the workout on the skills that are required in our sport. Athletes will receive small group training with our coaching staff. The small group provides coaches the time to instruct, demonstrate, and correct movements.

More Better has worked with athletes (both male and female) from Kutztown University, Randolph-Macon University, The University of Iowa, Arizona State University, Miami-Dade Community College, and The University of Maryland-Baltimore County - to name a few. High school athletes from Delaware and neighboring states utilize our More Better training throughout the summer.

On vacation in our wonderful beach towns? We got you!


Days: Monday-Thursday

Time:  7:00 am to 8:30 am


Monthly Package: $425   

Weekly Package: $150 (Week of) 

Daily Drop In Fee: $40   |   Please pay upon arrival




A word from Coach Woods

First and foremost our athletes gain confidence. This cannot be quantified nor mistaken. When they are on the playing field they exude the confidence of someone who knows what they can endure and knows what they have done to prepare for that time. We are not talking about bravado but real confidence based on focused training. They put in the work and they know it. 

Secondly, our athletes get real results in their explosiveness which is also unmistakably. “They just move better and get to the ball faster,” is the common comment of parents. 

Thirdly, there is injury prevention. Stability, flexibility, core stiffness, the ability to decelerate and more minimize the chance of injury occurring - and we focus on all of these in our training. In fact, injury prevention is the primary goal of our training. The truth is, injury cannot be prevented by us. Only God can do that. But we strive to minimize the likelihood of injury occurring. 

And lastly, we want them to see the results of strength and power in the weight room. They jump higher, and run faster and we can document it. We do not have some magic plan that causes this. It works because the right kind of training will alway work. We have seen players increase their vertical jump by 5 inches in 3 months and then a year later increase it by 3 more in another 3 month stretch. We have seen players increase weight in their lifts and reduce time in sprints. There are usually obvious changes to their body make up as they shed unnecessary fat and obtain a more lean physique. 


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