More Better

There are three things that we can train as athletes: our bodies, our craft, and our minds. Factory Sports athletic performance training, or as one of our athletes have dubbed it; “More Better”, is about training all three components.

The program will spend the first portion of each workout on our bodies (mobility, flexibility, strength, speed, and power) and the second portion of the workout on the skills that are required in our sport. Athletes will receive small group training with our coaching staff. The small group provides coaches the time to instruct, demonstrate, and correct movements.

More Better Time: Starting in June

Monday through Thursday

Varsity and College Athletes (16-22 years of age) | 7:30am to 9:00 am
Middle School and JV Athletes (13-15 years of age) | 3:45 to 5:00 pm
Summer Package (June, July, August)
Full Season: $800
Physical Training Only: $400
Skill Training Only: $400
Monthly Package
Full Season: $400
Physical Training Only: $200
Skill Training Only: $200
Weekly Package
Full Season: $150.00
Physical Training Only: $75
Skills Training Only: $75
Daily Package
Full Season: $40

3v3 Youth League

League Description: Factory Sports believes that 3v3 can serve as a great format for learning and growing in basketball. This league will be a fun way to compete and stay in shape. Play one night per week in a round-robin session. We will have 5 weeks of games and a single elimination tournament. 

Brief overview:

 Games are 20 minutes in length (running clock) or first team to score 21 or more points.

 Teams will alternate possession of the ball (no “make it-take it”).

 Shots made inside the arc are worth 1 point, shots made behind the arc are worth 2 points.

– Free throws are worth 1 point each.

– Ball must always be cleared behind the arc (even on steals and air balls).

Benefits of 3 on 3:

-More touches for every player.

-Players learn to play every position.

-Use of offensive and defensive skills every possession.

-Requires teamwork and active player involvement.

Divisions: U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 (5 players per team maximum)

Days:Tuesdays |  June 18, June 25, July 2, July 9, July 16, July 23 (Single elimination tournament)

Times:U10 & U12 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

               U14, U16, U18 7:30 pm to 9 pm


Cost:$89 per player 

Register Here


We Got Next

Program Description: 
Factory Sports believes that learning from those who came before us is a valuable tool. Our We Got Next program exemplifies this belief by utilizing current high school and collegiate basketball players to provide instruction to the next generation of players. This program is specifically designed for girls who want to learn the game of basketball.

Brief Overview: 
– We Got Next consists of a 6-week skills enhancement session
– Players will focus on fundamentals through competitive drills and games over the course of an hour

Benefits of We Got Next:
– Improve dribbling, passing, and shooting skills
– Develop an understanding for the overall game of basketball
– Learn from players who are in a position that you aspire to be in

Ages: 4th-8th
Times: 5:30pm-6:30pm
Cost: $80


Winter Youth Basketball League


Brief Description:  The emphases of our youth basketball league is threefold: 1) Individual Skill Development – both offensively and defensively. 2) Game Understanding and IQ – team concepts will be taught concerning offensive spacing and movement as well as defensively position and help. 3) Competitive Greatness and Sportsmanship – through offering a competitive environment through specific drills, competitions, and game play.

Dates: November-March

Ages/Gender: K-8th Grade

Equipment needed: Gym Attire, sneakers, water bottle

Basketball Skills Clinic@ Millsboro Middle School

Brief Description: Prepare for basketball season and fine tune your skills through expert instruction, maximum ball touches, maximum repetition, and competitive drills.

Location Millsboro Middle School

Dates: Check back in the Fall

Times: 2nd-4th Grade 6:00p-7:00p

             5th-8th Grade  7:00p-8:00p

Equipment Needed: Sneakers, gym attire, and water bottle

Preschool Beginners Basketball Academy 

Brief Description: Learn the fundamentals of basketball in fun drills and games. Coaches will promote the concepts of teamwork, cooperation, hard work, dedication, and kindness. Fundamental drills will be followed by small sided game play. Each class is limited to 20 players.

Dates: Wednesday’s July 17, 24, 31, August 7, 14, 21

Times: 5:30p-6:30p

Ages: 4-7

Registration Link: Register Here

Equipment: sports attire, sneakers, and a water bottle



Brief Description:  Boys and girls are invited to tryout for this competitive basketball team. Rosters will be limited to 10 players. Two weekly practices, personalized shooting shirts, athlete bag,  and  AAU Membership.

U10- Coach Pat Woods and Coach Steve Re

U12-Coach Johnathon Williams and Coach Brad Leinbach 

U13- Coach Solomon Cox and Coach Jerry Peden

U14- Coach Josh Hackney and Coach Trent Batson


Program Director