Beginners Classes

Pickleball at Factory Sports is geared towards everyone having a great time playing with each other and perfecting their pickleball skills. We have recreational play, instructional classes, beginner classes, and drill sessions so everyone can continue to learn and have fun. Our Beginner's Program is designed to educate players on all aspects of the game. We accomplish this through 2 immersive classes that cover scoring, ball strike techniques, to strategy. 


Pickleball 101 and 102 | 1st Class: Players will receive an in depth overview of rules, court layout, equipment strategy, and game play. They will also begin to build confidence in their game and develop technique.


Pickleball 103 | 2nd Class: Players  will perfect their game through skills and drills on the court.




Wednesday’s 9:00 am to 11:00 am 

March 20 and 27





Please see below for Pickleball Rules.

Pickleball Rules


Thank you for you continued support.