Fitness Programs


The goal of our strength & conditioning program is to prevent injury, help you move better and improve performance for life and athletic competition. All coaches hold training certifications and personally oversee all training exercises. All memberships include a free movement screening, a personalized training program, and unlimited access to group fitness classes. For more information email or call 302-703-6964.

Rookie Strength & Conditioning (Ages 8+)

Cost: $75/mo

Days & Times: 2 sessions/week. Call for schedule 703-6964 

45-60 minute sessions

This program is specifically designed for young athletes new to strength & speed training. Young athletes will learn the foundational skills necessary to prevent injury, run faster, jump higher and move better. 

Classes focus on:

  • Muscle strength surrounding your knees, hips, ankles and core
  • Balance, coordination and flexibility
  • First step quickness and speed
  • Change of direction and agility

Each session includes: 

  • Dynamic Warm-Up
  • Speed Mechanics & drills 
  • Strength Training with bodyweight or light weights
  • Stretching & Recovery Exercises



Senior Strength Training (Age 60+)

Cost: $75/mo or $205/season (3 months)

Days & Times: Call for schedule

This low-impact program is designed to strengthen muscles surrounding your knees, hips, ankles and core; improve balance, coordination and flexibility; and to increase functional movement. You will receive coaching through all movements helping you maintain proper technique to improve overall strength and minimize risk of injury. 



Cost:  $60/month or $60/10 class pass or  $10 drop in 

FitStart Cardio 101  Monday & Friday 9:00am-9:30am or 9:45am-10:15am

FitStart Cardio 101 is a low impact cardio workout. We will get you moving without putting stress on your joints. Options available for all fitness levels. Taught by Tara Woods

Insanity Live   Wednesday 5pm and Saturday 7:30am

Insanity Live is bootcamp style workouts incorporating functional movements and a combination of strength and cardio exercises. Options available for all fitness levels. Taught by Insanity Live Instructors, Tara Woods and Nicole Tingle. 

P90X Live   Monday 5pm 

P90x Live is a total body and strength conditioning program. Each workout is designed to blast fat and build lean muscle. Taught by P90X Live Instructor, Tara Woods